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WebMatrix is reliable software that will help you in your work with ASP.NET
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Web Matrix grew out of a pet project started by Nikhil Kothari.
It was originally conceived as a test bed for working with ASP.NET controls in a designer environment.
The ASP.NET team saw a number of benefits for a tool of this type, and used it to try out a variety of additional ideas for creating an IDE that could act as a lightweight alternative to Visual Studio.

The project was developed into a product (originally code-named "Saturn") that was released in the summer of 2002 as free download on the www.asp.net Web site, without official support (only community support) and with only word-of-mouth marketing.

The original release supported only Microsoft SQL Server, which was bundled with Web Matrix in the form of MSDE, a desktop version of the database engine. A subsequent release of Web Matrix ("Web Matrix Reloaded") in June 2003 included support for Microsoft Access .mdb files, which simplified deployment.

WebMatrix is reliable software that wil help you in your work with ASP.NET.

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